BaBabin, Babitzky, Babkowitsch, Babst, Babtschin, Babus, Bach, Bachmann, Bachmant, Bachmat, Bachorn, Bachrach, Back, Badchan, Badchin, Badchon, Bader, Bado, Bag, Bagarut, Bage, Bagrad, Bahn, Bail, Bajas, Bajasky, Bajewsky, Bak, Bakalior, Bakaus, Bakst, Balak, Balanov, Balin, Balk, Balkin, Balkind, Ballerstein, Balnamon, Balon, Balonkin, Balonov, Balser, Balsohn, Balt, Baltarschansky, Balter, Balterschansky, Baltin, Baltruschansky, Balwitsch, Bam, Bammann, Ban, Band, Bandel-Heller, Bank, Bankier, Bankowitsch, Bant, Bar, Barabaner, Barak, Baran, Baranischnik, Baranoschnik, Baranov, Baranowsky, Baranoznik, Barantschik, Barasch, Barawik, Barbakov, Barbasch, Bardach, Bardakov, Bardasch, Barenbaum, Bargin, Bari, Barik, Barinbaum, Barischnik, Barischnikov, Bark, Barkagan, Barkal, Barkan, Barkan-Fonarov, Barkin, Barkmann, Barlin, Barman, Barmanan, Barmanon, Barmapov, Barmasel, Barmatov, Barnator, Baron, Barowik, Barowsky, Barschay, Barschtschewsky, Barsuk, Bartsch, Bartz, Baru, Baruch, Baruchsohn, Barun, Barwisch, Bary, Basch, Baschas, Baschermann, Basches, Baschewitsch, Baschewkin, Baschin, Baschkin, Baschkov, Baschkowitsch, Baschner, Basel, Basin, Basinsky-Belinsky, Baskin, Baskind, Baskis, Baskowitsch, Basmann, Basner, Basov, Bass, Bassel, Bassmann, Bastuschewitsch, Batchan, Batwinkin, Bauchman, Bauchmann, Baudin, Bauer, Bauk, Baum, Baumann, Baumgart, Baumstein, Bautzer, Bawilsky, Bay
BeBechmann, Beck, Beckel, Becker, Beckmann, Bedak, Beder, Bederov, Bedersohn, Bedik, Begun, Behr, Behrmann, Behrmann-Mamioff, Beibach, Beier, Beierfeld, Beierfeldt, Beiles, Beileson, Beilin, Beilin-Lewkov, Beilinsohn, Beilis, Beilison, Beilkin, Beilkind, Beim, Beinar, Beinard, Beinart, Beinas, Beiner, Beinert, Beinfest, Beinos, Beirak, Beisermann, Beislechem, Beitler, Beitmann, Beizinger, Bekka, Belaev, Belak, Belenkov, Belenky, Belenowsky, Belf, Belfeld, Belgov, Belin, Belinko, Belinky, Belinsky, Belitz, Beljaev, Belkin, Belkind, Bell, Bellar, Beloborodov, Belorabe, Belotzerkowsky, Belov, Belowsky, Beloy, Belsky, Belsohn, Beltschikov, Ben, Ben-Horin, Ben-Neritah, Ben-Porath, Bendel, Bender, Bendet, Bendetsohn, Benediktov, Benensohn, Bengis, Beniksohn, Benin, Beninsohn, Benjakonska, Benjamin, Benjaminowitsch, Benjaminsohn, Benjasch, Bennart, Benowitsch, Bensky, Bensohn, Bentowitsch, Bentson, Benun, Benzel, Benzmann, Beras, Berchin, Berchon, Berel, Berelov, Berelowitsch, Berelsohn, Berendt, Berenstamm, Berenstein, Berent, Bereshansky, Bereshkowsky, Beresin, Beresowsky, Berg, Bergal, Bergel, Bergelmann, Bergelmann-Schuster, Berger, Bergermann, Berghaus, Bergmann, Bergol, Berk, Berkal, Berkin, Berkinov, Berkmann, Berkol, Berkowitsch, Berkowitz, Berkowsky, Berlin, Berlin-Barlin, Berliner, Berlowitz, Bermanan, Bermand, Bermann, Bermant, Bermapov, Bermatov, Bermont, Bernan, Bernator, Bernbaum, Berner, Bernev, Bernhard, Bernhard-Maikapar, Bernheim, Berniker, Bernitz, Bernowsky, Bernstamm, Bernstein, Berolsky, Bers, Berschon, Bershansky, Bershon, Bersin, Bersner, Berson, Berstamm, Berstansky, Berstein, Bertram, Beruskin, Berwinowitsch, Bescher, Beschkin, Beskin, Besmosgy, Besner, Bespalov, Besproswanny, Bessel, Besser, Bessmertny, Betchin, Betscher
BiBichowsky, Bidermann, Bieber, Bieberfeld, Bieder, Biedermann, Bielinky, Bieskin, Biesunsky, Bik, Bik-Bikowsky, Biken, Bikins, Bikov, Bikowitsch, Biksohn, Bild, Biletzky, Bilfeld, Bilinky, Biliun, Biliunas, Bilksta, Bilsohn, Bilun, Bim, Bimbad, Bimbat, Bin, Bindemann, Binder, Bindmann, Bindur, Binenstock, Binlun, Binna, Binon, Binuk, Binun, Binus, Bir, Birenbaum, Birer, Birger, Birin, Birk, Birkahn, Birkenfeld, Birkenheim, Birkhahn, Birkmann, Birmann, Birn, Birnbaum, Birnik, Birnov, Biron, Birsen, Birsh, Birshansky, Birsohn, Birson, Birstein, Bischakewitsch-Baschkowitsch, Bischko, Biser, Bitker, Bitsch, Bitschin, Bitschul, Bitschunsky, Bitz
BlBlach, Blach-Blazov, Blacher, Blachmann, Blad, Blaer, Blaistern, Blak, Blamann, Blank, Blankenfeld, Blankenstein, Blankfeld, Blant, Blaser, Blaser-Glaser, Blatt, Blauschild, Blauweiss, Blawert, Blecher, Blechmann, Blechstein, Bleichmann, Bleier, Bleimann, Bless, Bletel, Bliedemann, Blieden, Blind, Blinder, Blindmann, Blindreich, Bliner, Blinkov, Blinnik, Blintschikov, Blioch, Blisnansky, Blitz, Bloch, Blocher, Bloich, Blok, Blond, Blont, Bloss, Blostein, Blowes, Blowetz, Bluds, Blum, Blum-Blumberg, Blumberg, Blumenau, Blumenfeld, Blumensohn, Blumenstein, Blumenstiel, Blumenstock, Blumenthal, Blumfeld, Blumin, Blumkin, Blumowitsch, Blumsohn, Blumstein, Blus
BoBob, Bobe, Bober, Bobkowsky, Bobrin, Bobrov, Bochur, Bodgar, Bodina, Bodna, Bodner, Bodnev, Bodny, Bogat, Bogatschov, Bogdan, Bogen, Boginsky, Bogomilsky, Bogorad, Boguslawsky, Bojar, Bojarin, Bojarsky, Bojarsky-Schleifer, Bolmat, Bolotowsky, Bolschin, Bomdas, Boncelis, Bonder, Bondy, Bones, Bong, Bongs, Bonheim, Bonk, Bonks, Bonner, Bonzel, Bor, Borchov, Borchowik, Borde, Bordel, Bordin, Bordo, Borenstein, Borilka, Borilko, Borischansky, Borischnik, Borisenok, Bork, Borkan, Borkin, Borkon, Borkowik, Borkowitsch, Borkum, Bormann, Borochowitsch, Borodov, Borodowka, Borodowkin, Borok, Borowik, Borowitzky, Borowsky, Bort, Bortel, Bortsch, Bortz, Boruchmann, Boruchov, Boruchowitsch, Boruchsohn, Boruchstein, Boss, Bote, Botnikov, Botscheikowsky, Botwinkin, Bowe, Bowschower, Boy, Bozmann
BrBrachmann, Bradowka, Braer, Bragin, Brainin, Braitich, Brakmann, Brand, Brande, Brandenburg, Brandenburger, Brander, Brandler, Brandlewitsch, Brandmann, Brandt, Brankfeld, Branower, Bransburg, Brant, Brantwein, Brasch, Brashnik, Brasje, Brauch, Brauda, Braude, Brauder, Braudis, Braudo, Brauer, Braumann, Braun, Braunreit, Braunrot, Braunstein, Braus, Braut, Brawarnik, Brawernik, Brawin, Brawo, Brawornik, Brecher, Breger, Bregin, Bregmann, Breido, Breiksch, Breinin, Breinisch, Breitbart, Breitbord, Brekel, Bren, Brenner, Brensohn, Bres, Bresch, Breschtsch, Breslav, Breslawsky, Brest, Bretsch, Brewdo, Brider, Bridsky, Brigmann, Brik, Briker, Brikmann, Brikner, Bril, Briliant, Brill, Brilling, Brilowitsch, Brilowitz, Brin, Brinder, Brindt, Briner, Brinkenhof, Brinkert, Brinkmann, Brinov, Brio, Brischker, Brisk, Brisker, Briskin, Britkewitsch, Britzinsky, Broch, Brod, Brodawka, Broder, Brodowka, Brodowka-Borodowka, Brodsky, Brohaci, Broide, Broido, Broin, Broit, Broitgalt, Brok, Brom, Bromberg, Brontich, Bronzowsky, Broschermann, Broschmann, Broschtschermann, Brosgal, Brosgol, Brostermann, Broudo, Browarnik, Browornik, Brshesinsky, Bru, Bruck, Brudko, Brudniek, Brudno, Brudny, Brugan, Bruh, Brumberg, Brun, Brunmann, Brunner, Brunstein, Bruser, Bruskin, Bruskin-Brusky, Brusowansky, Brussowansky, Brustin, Brutko, Brutschkus, Brutzkus
BuBub, Bublewitsch, Bublikov, Buch, Buchbinder, Buchhalter, Buchmann, Buchnov, Budel, Buden, Budgor, Budin, Budnatzky, Budnewitsch, Budnik, Budo, Budownitsch, Budownitz, Bugen, Bujanower, Bukengolds, Bukingolz, Bukinholz, Buklan, Bukmois, Bukmuish, Bukmus, Bukmush, Bukmutz, Bul, Bulawko, Bulkin, Bulko, Bumbier, Bun, Bunes, Bunimowitsch, Buningen, Buntschik, Buntschikov, Burawik, Burgin-Gordon, Burgmann, Burgscher, Burik, Burin, Burkser, Burmann, Burnstein, Burrak, Burstein, Burstin, Bus, Buschkin, Buskun, Butin, Butschin, Butschinsky, Butzin, Butzinsky, Buwitsch, Buwitz

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